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Core Programs

As many as 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, meaning that for three-quarters of the world’s wealthiest population, extraordinary expenses, a loss of income or a disabling injury can have a devastating consequences, e.g. the loss of a home or apartment, a reliable form of transportation, or a loved one.
Thankfully, in moments of crisis, most Americans can leverage credit Lasatlantis-Casino-Australia.com, secure a new revenue stream, or turn to a family member, friend or colleague for help; but, for too many others, there’s simply nowhere to turn.
For these Americans, losing a job, bearing an unanticipated expense or a medical condition often forces families to choose between putting food on the table, maintaining a roof over their heads, or keeping the power on. 
Others is actively working to “stand in the gap” for those people who just need a little help getting back on their feet. We also advocate for those trying to get out of the generational cycle of poverty. We help navigate everyday Americans through extenuating life circumstances with financial assistance, community, and prayer.
We have an extensive list of agencies, churches, and businesses that we partner with to provide restoration to tough situations. 

The Church Consortium

Our community and specifically our churches are contacted daily by families and individuals who are facing financial challenges and emergencies. The local churches, as part of The Church of Destin, may refer these families and individuals to Others of Destin, their “outreach arm” for resourcing, financial assistance, prayer, and connection. Others of Destin has the time, resources, and experience to evaluate the request and holistically support the individual or family. A partner church never has to turn someone away that is seeking assistance and at the same time insures that only verified needs are addressed. Please join the Consortium of Churches today so that together, we can better serve our community! 

OTHERS of Destin, Inc has developed a detailed process which not only verifies the legitimacy of the request but also identifies other organizations and charities who provide various forms of assistance. OTHERS of Destin, Inc, is honored to offer this service to area churches through a program called the Consortium of Churches. By partnering with OTHERS of Destin, Inc, churches provide the individual or family making the request with a direct contact to THEIR “outreach arm”, OTHERS of Destin, Inc, who will evaluate the request and provide the needed support or coordinate with other agencies to provide the support. This allows the partnering church to never have to turn away someone seeking assistance and at the same time insures that only verified needs are addressed. The demand for help is very high in our area and the resources are limited. We welcome you to join the Consortium of Churches today so that together we can better serve our community!

For additional information on the Consortium of Churches through OTHERS of Destin, Inc, please contact us through our contact link on this site.