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About Us

Board of Directors:

Cindy Wilson – Board Chairman

Profession/affiliation – Founder of Shepard’s Walk Foundation, Retired, COO of Telwares, Inc.   

City of Residence – Destin, Florida

Years Served – 5 years

Bert McCollum – Charirman Elect

Profession/affiliation – Business Owner, BnT Inc., Retired Military and Retired DOD Civil Service 

City of Residence – Destin, Florida

Years Served – 5 years

Dick Christensen – Post Chairman

Profession/affiliation – Retired, Vice President Ashland Petroleum 

City of Residence – Destin, Florida

Years Served – 5 years 

Barry Carpenter

Profession/affiliation – Pastor of Destin United Methodist Church

City of Residence – Miramar Beach, Florida

Years Served – 5 years

Chris Sears

Profession/affiliation-Retired, Social Security Administration

City-Destin Florida
Tommy Ward
Professional Affiliation- retired from Milliken.

Resident of Destin Fla.

William Mayfield

Profession/affiliation – Retired, US Department of Defense, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
City of Residence – Destin, Florida
Mission Statement: 
OTHERS of Destin, Inc. establishes collaborative partnerships between churches, businesses, governmental entities, and non-profit organizations for the greater purpose of empowering underserved members of the community. By tailoring services to meet the needs and preferences of those served, OTHERS provides holistic programming directed towards self-sufficiency that is rooted in love of family, commitment to community, and faith in God. 


a. The advancement of educational, charitable (benevolent) purposes, and any other related or corresponding purposes by the distribution of its funds generated for such purposes. 
b. To operate exclusively in any other manner for such religious and charitable purposes will qualify it as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. 


Hope Medical Clinic enjoys working with OTHERS of Destin, Inc. in cases where reciprocal needs of the underserved are met through working together to achieve the best outcome for our mutual client.

Tim Roberts, Director, Hope Medical Clinic

We look forward to partnering with OTHERS of Destin because they customize etheir approach to fit the unique circumstances and needs of those they serve!

Walt Chisney, St. Andrews Bicycle Ministry

I am grateful to OTHERS for the support they provided to my family.  As a single parent with severe diabetes, I had given up hope of finding the help I needed.  OTHERS renewed my hope in a system that I had considered to be broken.  

Felicia L., Client of OTHERS of Destin, Inc.